Maximum Alert: The IFT is Selling Frequencies of Independent Radios

In November of 2016, we reported that, “In a declaration to the press, Alejandro Navarrete, director of the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT), made note that in Mexico City they had detected six free frequencies that would be allocated to new concessions. According to our count, the frequencies of the independent radios (97.1, 102.1, 102.9 and 105.3) would be among those six frequencies that would soon be allocated elsewhere. Through the selling of our frequencies, they want to get rid of us. With this, we face another form of annihilation”.

Less than a year later, on August 21st, 2017, it was announced that the IFT, in a majority vote, authorized the station XEINFO-AM, property of Eduardo Henkel and that transmits on AM, to transmit at 105.3 FM. This is the frequency where our sister radio, Regeneración Radio transmits. Here is the information:

In that way, the organization that regulates the radio spectrum is attacking the freedom of expression and faithfully fulling its role as protector of the businessman that make communicatin a commodity. In the following days, we will share more information and our posture regarding the subject, but for now we make a call to repudiate the sell of this frequency and to defend free communication that is practiced by the independent and community radios.

The airwaves are for those whom work them!

We conquer freedom of expression struggling, before and now!

Ké Huelga Radio

Free, social and against power.

August 22

Translation by abaction

Source: Voices in movement