Solidarity with Ké Huelga Radio Against the Interference with their FM Signal

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On October 31st, the ever-generous Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) renewed the concessions of one of the largest communication traders in Mexico, Ricardo Salinas Pliego. With the renewal of these concessions, he will be able to continue profiting with his television networks until year 2041. The IFT did the same for the largest media empire in the country, also renewing Televisa’s concessions for 20 years. This decision was taken only a month before the start of the new presidential six-year term, and three years before the concessions of both media giants expire. This means, the decision was made in advance to prevent any possible issues with the incoming government.

Meanwhile, our beloved Ké Huelga Radio has faced interference that now blocks our signal in nearly all of Mexico City. Since October 1st, the interference has increased in strength, completely erasing our FM signal. We have also noted that the interference functions according to “office hours.” On holidays, when there aren’t lackeys to “reproduce” the horrendous musical repertoire, the interfering signal is “white noise.”

Amidst this situation, the assembly of Ké Huelga Radio share the following:

1. We will not leave 102.9 FM. We will defend that frequency against licensees and against the IFT in their attempts to convert it into a commodity that is sold to the highest bidder.
2. We ask our comrades that they listen to our emissions on the internet at as well as on our FM signal: by moving the antennae of your receiver, it might be possible to find a position where you can hear our signal. We suggest you point your antenna toward the south-west of the city, toward the Copilco and Universidad metro stations.

3. We call on the solidarity of everyone to share this denunciation by all means possible. We also invite you to send messages speaking out against the interference of the IFT. The email address is, and telephone number, 01800 2000 120. On our website you can find other means to send your messages of protest to the IFT.

We conquer the freedom of expression by fighting, before and now!

Ké Huelga Radio, Free, Social and Against Power

November 5th, 2018


Twitter: @IFT_MX



Telephone: 01800 2000 120

Postal address: Insurgentes Sur #1143 Colonia Nochebuena, Delegación Benito Juárez, CP. 03720, México, Ciudad de México